Design Strategies started as a research project of Prof. Klaus Teltenkötter, digital design and media architecture, in SS 2013 at School of Design, Mainz, Germany.

Starting point
The aim of this page is to build up an open and expanding platform for “Digital Design Strategies” in the field of interior design and architecture. In future this page will provide further knowledge related to the topic “Digital Design Strategies”.

Target group
Target group are students and design professionals in the field of interior architecture and architecture which are interested in digital design. It is aimed at designers who want to get into digital design from a conceptual design point of view.

Design strategies in the field of design, interior architecture and architecture do not depend on one specific software. The principles shown in these videos can be achieved in a number of ways and with different kind of software.
Our learning uses the software 3ds max and Para3D. 
3ds max is a 3d-modelling, animation and visualization program already based on parametric. It is very good for advanced and fast conceptual design at every scale. You can also use it for realisation projects in the field of interior design, furniture design and for digital production. It is less suitable for realisation projects on a bigger architectural scale.
 Para3D is a new plug-in for 3ds max enabling parametric design. It is easy to use because you don’t need any further programming software.

We are interested in partnerships related to content, software, new learning tutorials, workshops and more.
We look forward to your feedback!