Design examples: "Sectioning"

Sectioning is a process of taking cuts through a formal 3D object. It is a very efficient method for digital production because it already offers all necessary data for CNC-milling and laser cutting.
Instead of constructing the surface itself, sectioning can use a series of profiles while following the line of the edges of the surface geometry. It is a way to produce both: surface and structure.


  • Advanced but easy to use sectioning method with para3D

    These videos show how to produce sectionings in para 3D (4.0 and higher) with “contour generator” and as an alternative with “compound” as a node. These methods are easy to use, fast and flexible in terms of changing all parameters. 1. method: “Contour generator” is based on sectioning planes and will create splines. With “contour […]

  • Sectioning model based on boolean operation

  • Simple arrays


    Shapes can follow an array and define the structure of a design through transformation: position, distance, twisting, scaling and so on.

  • Parametric arrays


    If you are able to control and define the parameters of transformation of your array in a parametric way, shapes can define advanced and complex structures as sectionings.

  • Arrays following a path

    Following a path

    As an array, shapes can follow a path to define the structure of a design.

  • Parametric arrays following a path


    Control the parameters of an array in a parametric way while following a path to define more complex structures of your design.

  • Sectioning based on 3D objects


    Sectioning via taking cuts through a complex 3D object. The video is based on a method, developed by David Fano, designreform.  

  • Parametric sectioning based on 3D objects


    (picture shows 3d print of model developed in video) This video shows how to create parametric sectionings in an easy way based on complex shapes with para 3D, a plugin for 3ds max. The video is based on the video ‘Bird´s nest stadium’ by Ali Torabi, para 3D.

  • Twisted parametric arrays


    This video shows how to create parametric arrays as sectionings and twist them like louvres with para 3D, a plugin for 3ds max. The shown method is based on the video ‘Twisting Louvres’ by Ali Torabi, Para 3D.